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Backing Brilliant Entrepreneurs

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Backing Brilliant Entrepreneurs

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Who are Building the Future of Oregon and Beyond

Investing with Us

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives, industries and businesses.

We partner with passionate entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on the world by disrupting large markets with innovative solutions in the data driven enterprise, digital health technologies, consumer software and cloud-based solutions. Because building great companies has always been our passion, we are looking for determined and driven entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the status quo.

Our team strives to make your entrepreneurial journey more successful by providing the tools to help you realize your vision – from mentoring and advice to our deep operational expertise and networks of resources in Silicon Valley and beyond.

We want to give you an “unfair advantage” to build and scale your business by sharing the insight and acumen we’ve spent years honing because we’ve walked in your shoes.


Building Businesses That Can Change the World

Seven Peak Ventures is passionate about using technology and innovation to create businesses that have the power to impact lives around the world. We invest in teams building market dominating businesses tackling big problems.

As experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate executives, we know what it’s like to walk in your shoes and what it takes to nurture and grow your business into a world-class organization. We apply our collective experience gained from working inside both growing startups and large enterprises to help founding teams create powerful organizations that will change the world. 

Our team guides and mentors our entrepreneurs through the early stages of business develpment and expansion. And we are there every step of the way. Whether it’s raising capital that is so critical to early-stage companies, making connections with our extended network or providing the operational guidance to help scale for success.

If you think you have the next big idea and want to partner with the right venture team to put it in motion, let’s take a walk.

Our Portfolio

Investing Team

<span style="color: #09872a;">Dino Vendetti</span>
Dino Vendetti
General Partner
<span style="color: #09872a;">Corey Schmid</span>
Corey Schmid
Investing Partner
<span style="color: #09872a;">Matt Abrams</span>
Matt Abrams
Investing Partner
<span style="color: #09872a;">Steve Barham</span>
Steve Barham
Investing Partner
<span style="color: #09872a;">Joe Franzi</span>
Joe Franzi
Chief Financial Officer

Venture & Industry Partners

Our venture and industry partners are formally affiliated with the fund. Each has a “superpower,” or deep domain expertise, that they share with our partner companies.
Chris Noble

Venture Investor

Nishad Pai

Principal, Partner Alliances & Partner Strategy, Google

Theresa Maloney

Founder & Principal, Cogenta Communications

Brett Waters

CEO, Tivix, Inc.

Chris Kraybill

CTO, Amplion Research

Dan Vetras

President & CEO, Kontiki

Jim Bednark

Founding Partner, CREDO Investments, LLC

Kate Ryan

Life Sciences, Ryan Consulting Group

Marty Colombatto

Former, GM Broadcom

Tony Abena

Managing Director, Deloitte New-Venture Accelerator & COO of Deloitte Investments

Wayne Cantwell

Managing Director, Decathlon Capital Management

Wes Price

Partner Harrigan Price Fronk
& Company, LLP


Jay Henry

CEO, The James Marshall Group

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We’re always interested in hearing from entrepreneurs. Send us an email or submit your pitch deck online. We’re also on Twitter, LinkedIn and by appointment in Bend.

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