Matt Abrams – General Partner

Matt Abrams is a technologist, investor, advisor, speaker and outdoor adventurer who inspires startup founders and C-level executives to think bigger and bolder.

Prior to joining SPV in 2014, Matt spent over 20 years in the Enterprise software industry as an operator leading product management, engineering, customer success, and industry standards teams from companies ranging in size from 200 to over 100,000 employees. At Oracle, Matt held similar roles at Hyperion (acquired by Oracle) and Arbor Software. He is on the Board of Northwestern’s Master in Science in Analytics (MSiA) Engineering program and serves as a guest lecturer at Northwestern’s McCormick Engineering school and Northwestern’s Kellogg Business school.

He also holds a BS in Computer Engineering degree from Northwestern University.

Portfolio Companies:

Amplero, Client Success, Crowd Supply,, Droplr, Enlitic, Metricstory, Owl Insights, SlamData, Torch3d, Trusona, Zapinfo
Matt Abrams
Areas of Investment Focus
-Augmented / Extended Reality
-Data+information attribution, management, and trust
-Enterprise Automation/Prediction
-Industrial Workflow Automation (Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Supply Chain, Transportation)
-Quantum Computing
Areas of Interest
-3D Printing
-Automation / Prediction Value Chains (general)
-Automation & Jobs
-Blockchain / Identity / Trust
-Convergence of technologies we’re seeing (AI/ML, AR/VR, Blockchain, Quantum, 3D Printing)
-Data Trust / Ethics 
-Identity & Security
-Intelligent Tech Policy / Governmental Decision-making
-Quantum Computing
-Weaponized Information & Deceit