Tom Gonser – General Partner

Tom is a General Partner and an entrepreneurial executive with a strong track record in technology leadership and innovation with more than 15 years’ experience participating on boards of directors of fast-growing companies.

Prior to joining SPV in 2017, Tom was founder and chief strategy officer of DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature. He began his career at Apple Computer, Wildfire Communications, McCaw Cellular, and AT&T Wireless, then launched and ran several companies focused on SaaS, Financial Services, and GPS Technology. Experienced in corporate development, raising venture capital, strategic business planning, M&A, international business expansion, and business model development.

Tom’s passion for inventing business opportunities and delivering amazing products and services that customers love drives his work.


Portfolio Companies:
Amitree, Trusona, LiveOak, MetricStory, Knock Rentals, Jirav,
Tom Gonser

Areas of Interest:

  • DocuSign Founder
  • Deep product and marketing expertise
  • Fin-tech, B2B, SaaS, Blockchain