The “experiment” Bruce Cleveland and I initiated last fall was a resounding success. Not only because of the quantity and quality of applicants that applied, but also because it reinforces our belief that Bend is a place where entrepreneurs want to build and grow their companies.  Seven Peaks Ventures is looking forward to welcoming the winners and their spouses to Bend on March 13th and sharing our amazing community with them.

Read the full blog post by Bruce Cleveland.   Below are the winners of the Big Bend Theory:


  • CEO: Charles Armstrong
  • What they do: The leading platform for 360º content. Its technology is backed by 20 pending patents and is reaching the market through partnerships with companies like HomeAway, Sony and Samsung.
  • Why we chose them: “Insanely great” 360º video technology.


  • CEO: Sahil Jain
  • What they do: All-in-one advertising platform for Facebook, Google, Bing, and LinkedIn.
  • Why we chose them: Leading edge LinkedIn advertising platform.

Aria Systems

  • CEO: Tom Dibble
  • What they do: Help companies around the globe using its cloud-based, enterprise-class platform for subscription and usage-based billing.
  • Why we chose them: Part of the InterWest portfolio. Interested in moving an entire function inside the company to Bend, reducing ability for others to recruit key talent away from the company.

Stealth Mode

  • CEO: Eric Bahn
  • What they do: We can’t tell you but trust us, Eric is a pretty cool guy with some great ideas.
  • Why we chose them: We could tell you, but then we would have to kill you, which would ruin the whole thing for everyone.

On March 13th these winning entrepreneurs and their significant others will fly up on a direct 50-minute flight from SFO to the Redmond, OR airport that is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Bend.

Everyone will stay at Bend’s suave Oxford Hotel, and we will kick off the excitement with a networking event on Thursday evening at The Loft, a private social club in the heart of Bend.

On Friday, our guests will have the opportunity to meet with some of the talented software entrepreneurs headquartered in Bend along with key business leaders, educational leaders, Silicon Valley transplants, and real estate professionals. This should give everyone a better idea of what Bend has to offer beyond clean air and uncongested roads.

On Saturday, the visiting entrepreneurs and their guests will enjoy some of the fun outdoor activities that have put Bend on the map (and drew me here in the first place), followed by another exclusive networking event that evening.

On Sunday, we will wrap it up, everyone will fly back to SFO, and our hope is that some of these entrepreneurs will be inspired by what they experienced in Bend.

Dino and I are very excited to host this event. We believe we have some great people representing some great companies that would make great new additions to the thriving tech culture that is heating up in Bend. The Big Bend Theory started as an experiment to see what would happen if you introduced really smart people to a growing tech community. I’ll let you know how our experiment goes after we meet with a few of the companies next month.

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