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 WATCH: “Fake Science Documentary” |one of the many issues (similar to Alex Jones controversy) surrounding information fraud that we are confronting / why we need to think about information/data in $$ terms and going aftercreators/distributors/transmission mediums of fake info


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Information Trust & Accountability Act (ITAA):

Information Sanctions (modeled after Magnitsky or Sarbanes-Oxley or GDPR Acts)

“Since when did empirical fact become a personal view?” | The Most Powerful Publishers in the World Don’t Give a Damn  Our technology platform leaders have an opportunity to take a stand for civility, decency, ethics, and values above $$. It is not a matter of free speech as they are private actors and not state owned public entities. Nor would I say that verifiably false and dangerous statements are protected as free speech if one were to argue this. Technology has the opportunity to enhance our public discourse, to educate, to foster new ideas that move humanity forward. It is a failure of morality and a myopic focus on short-term $$ for @jack and other tech leaders to allow for blatant and verifiably false propaganda. I understand well the challenge of determining what is false often and, in that space the nuances lie, but the statements of the Alex Jones of the world – and so many others. – it is strictly black and white.  We have seen and will see horrific acts of violence committed by individuals as a result of feeding into conspiracy theories, hate, and false narratives that are promulgated by the tech platforms – these platforms are themselves responsible for the outcomes that result and, like cigarettes causing cancer, will ultimately be viewed in the same light for spreading information cancer.  #principles #takeastand

by Matt Abrams